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Car Repair Tips for Fast Fixes for Kia Owners

Even if you are not a car-geek, performing some straightforward, basic maintenance on your vehicle can keep it out of the search and extend its life. Here’s a set of 10-minute fixes you’ll simply do to your automotive which will prevent cash in real-time or forestall future repair bills.


Change your Kia coolant on schedule

Coolant does not last forever. you’ve got to alter it each twenty-four,000 miles (green coolant) or a hundred,000 miles (extended-life coolant). If you retain driving on a worn agent, expect to interchange the radiator, heater core, and pump.

Neglecting Kia oil changes will cost you

Transfer case fluid and differential oil changes area unit low-cost and straightforward. substitution these parts can value you regarding $1,500 each—a high worth to buy neglect.

Replace the Kia air filter periodically

A clogged cabin filter puts an extra load on your car’s A/C system and reduces heat in winter. Replace it a minimum of once a year.

Use a Kia voltmeter to test coolant

Test your agent with a meter. Set your electronic voltmeter on very cheap DC setting reading and dip the positive probe right into the agent. bit the negative probe to the negative battery terminal and rev the engine to two,000 rpm. If the reading is .4 volts or additional, your agent is toast.

Clean Kia cloudy headlights

If you’ve got cloudy headlights, you ought not to replace them or brook them. Clean them with a specially designed kit.

Clean Kia terminals prevent electrical problems

Corrosion puts an intercalary strain on your charging system and may mess with computer-controlled systems. cleansing is your most cost-effective insurance against electrical issues.

Use a repair kit to fix it yourself

Yes, you’ll fix this yourself. acquire a Permatex fast Grid repair kit ($13) at any motorcar components store. Follow the directions and you will be defrosting in no time.

Do Kia Service on Time

Yes, Kia service on time makes your car long-lasting without spending a single dollar on its repairing and maintenance.