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28 May 2024

Luxurious Care - Inside the Rolls-Royce Service Center in Dubai

Dubai city is known for its luxury cars say for example Audi, BMW, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Porsche and many more such cars.

20 May 2024

German Auto Care’s Dodge Service Center in Dubai

Keeping a Dodge vehicle is a great experience at the same time to get its optimal performance requires expert maintenance and care.

22 April 2024

Avail the benefits of extensive repairs at German Auto Care

If you have bought a Mercedes and looking for quality repairs to see it in the best condition then you can come to Mercedes Service Center Dubai where you can be unfazed.

17 April 2024

Get the top-notch quality repair service for your Volkswagen

Many dream to own a luxury or elite car as they are quite crazy to drive it on the smooth roads of Dubai. Other than this, it is considered to be a standard symbol for many according to Dubai's lifestyle.

20 March 2024

Mesmerising City of Dubai’s Maserati service center at German Auto care

Looking for Maserati service center Dubai? or Bentley workshop in Dubai? Look no further as German Auto care will take of all your car needs. In this blog, we are exploring the Maserati service center in Dubai

13 March 2024

Visit to Our Dodge Service Center in Dubai

Dubai’s city is not just famous for its skyline buildings, towers, beautiful sea beaches but at the same the people lives their life to the fullest. And that also can have been seen in the collection in their cars.

29 February 2024

The Importance of Regular Audi Service

If you have an Audi, then we are sure that you feel pride while driving your car because of the status that comes with the Audi. However, every machine and every human needs extra attention and care so that

24 February 2024

Top Signs Your Porsche Needs Expert Service

Who doesn't love the experience of luxury, right? Porsche is the right car that can provide you with everything. If you are looking for luxury, performance, and awesome engineering

18 January 2024

Exclusive car repair services that improves the performance

You know there is a trend of having elite cars as it shows your status and also adds value to your personality. But you know these vehicles also need specialized services delivered by an expert hand

10 January 2024

Avail the top-class elite car repair service at German Auto Care

You that the exquisite style and smart features of elite cars make you fan of it. And if you want the smooth functioning of your car, then you need to get it inspected on regular intervals, so that you won’t face any issue.

21 December 2023

World-class and reliable luxury car repairs service

Are you a Porsche fan who loves to ride in it on the smooth road of Dubai? It is one of the trusted car brands that’s why people are drawn towards it. But you know its maintenance is highly

15 December 2023

Affordable and luxury car repairs at German Autocare

In the high-tech city of Dubai, where people take pride in roaming in their luxury cars, you know that continuous use of any car may bring down its efficiency. Timely maintenance

17 November 2023

Avail of the first-rate repair services of German Auto Care

Many dream of owning a luxury car like BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini etc. and keep it with utmost care. The constant use of these cars for long or short distances affects their performance.

10 November 2023

Fix your luxury car issues at German Autocare Dubai

In the technologically advanced city of Dubai, people prefer to own luxury cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini etc. because of their exquisite style and comfort. One loves to drive on Dubai’s smooth and wide roads but you know your luxury cars need routine service also to maintain their style and functioning.

17 October 2023

Lamborghini repair center ensure the best performance of your supercar

It is a dream of many enthusiasts to possess Italian supercars such as the Lamborghini. Exotic supercars are known for their great speed and impressive features. However, it is important to know that supercars are not immune to mechanical issues.

25 September 2023

Ensure the best servicing and repair for your Rolls Royce

Very few people get an opportunity to possess and enjoy a journey in a Rolls Royce. All Rolls Royce models are popular around the world. This brand is famous all around the world for its hefty price tag, superb features and striking appeal.

24 August 2023

How to improve the fuel efficiency of a car

Expensive and sophisticated brand cars are examples of good engineering. Without proper care and maintenance, the car can lose efficiency. As a responsible car owner, you must pay attention to fuel economy. Visit Mercedes Service center Dubaiand improve the efficiency of your car.

22 July 2023

Best extravagance vehicle fix administration in UAE

German auto care top priority is your safety. They not entirely settled to notice each fundamental cleanliness measure, guaranteeing that each client wishing to contact them feels secured. At service centre, they will keep a close eye on these measures.

10 July 2023

Enjoy long rides in your Ferrari after a proper servicing

Consider yourself very special if you possess a Ferrari. As Ferrari is an elegant and stylish car, everyone prefers to have one. However, you have to fulfill the responsibilities of an owner and provide some top-level maintenance.

10 June 2023

Important maintenance tips to keep your BMW in an excellent condition

Many people admit that BMW is their dream car. The models of BMW are the epitome of modern engineering. You can enjoy many luxurious features, high speed and complete safety after purchasing a BMW. However,

13 May 2023

Improve the performance and extend the lifespan of your Mercedes through servicing

In the world of luxury cars, Mercedes has reserved a special place, and it certainly needs no introduction. The luxury cars are preferred due to their high-performance, premium features and impressive reliability. Luxury cars carry

25 April 2023

Best luxury car repair service in UAE

At German Auto Care we recognize that some of us are not content leaving a vehicle as it came from the client. The desire to modify, improve and race our own vehicles has driven our business for decades. Ask us how we can take your vehicle to the next level. Your safety is our priority. Our team is

10 March 2023

Car Workshop Centre That Takes All Care of Your Luxury Automobile

Being an independent vehicle workshop, we repair and service all Rolls Royce models, new and old, at lower prices than Rolls Royce stores and other workshops. Our Rolls Royce service centre in Dubai is uniquely prepared to service and maintain your car in compliance with the standards of the Rolls Royce manufacturer.

20 Feb 2023

A Statement of Helping your Car mobiles Honestly

In order to provide its cherished clients with a first-rate and hassle-free car maintenance and repair experience, German Auto Care has made sizable financial expenditures and strategic recruitment. German Auto Care has hired professionals qualified to operate on the Audi

18 January

Top 5 Low-Maintenance Luxury Vehicles

This list is for you if you're looking for a luxury car in Dubai but don't want to spend a fortune on maintenance. In order for you to enjoy your ride without having to worry about breaking the bank, we've put together a list of the top five luxurious vehicles in Dubai that are also simple to maintain.

03 January

Take your luxurious Audi to the specialized service center for the best maintenance

Audi, BMW and Porsche are some of the most well-known names of the luxury car sector. Possessing a luxury car is a big achievement in life. However, after purchasing a luxury car, you have to pay attention to the timely repair

24 December

Reasons that can trigger vibrations in your luxury car

If you are the owner of the car, then you must have noticed that some or the other technical problems are likely to appear. It is very normal if your car develops some technical faults, and after visiting a good Audi service center Dubai, you can fix all the issues.

19 December

Why is regular car servicing important and beneficial?

Luxury cars are a great asset in life. Not only do they bring convenience in life but also reflect your social status. Most owners love their luxury cars as they have made a huge investment, but after purchasing the car, it is your responsibility to take the best possible care.

29 November

5 expert tips for choosing the best supercar workshop

Just as you look for an expert physician to look after your health, your supercar also deserves the same treatment to ensure its look and importantly its resale value. It is quite obvious that you just can’t hand over your precious Ferrari repair Dubai to a shady dealer. Supercar costs us

06 November

Supercar Maintenance Guide

Being the owner of the luxury car, you are part of the elite group that drives the best cars in the world. Luxury cars are expensive this is why you won’t find a lot of them on the streets. Not only does buying a luxury car cost a fortune but its maintenance is equally an expensive business.

31 August

Take your car to a prestigious service center to avoid the sudden breakdown

Your luxury car is a fantastic machine that can help you to cover comfortable, long-distance journeys. Unlike ordinary cars, the luxury vehicles have superior engineering, better arrangement of comfort and features.

13 August

Quality care can keep your luxury car in the perfect condition

Many customers look for high performance cars that offer greater reliability, speed and comfort. Luxury cars that have superior engines and better features are the first choice of such customers.

19 July

Luxury car brands demand better maintenance for flawless performance

Luxury cars are a very special asset because they offer a package of unparalleled comfort, prestige, style and speed. Obviously, the price tag of luxury cars is a bit higher than other ordinary vehicles. However

30 June

The impetus behind one’s choice of going for an expensive exotic car

Exotic cars aren't seen very often on the road, which is why they're called "exotic. If you're the kind to buy an exotic car, don't be surprised. Living in a city like Dubai gives you the chance to enjoy the experience

31 May

Mercedes Benz car care tips

Maintain the exterior of your Mercedes Benz by removing the dirt and girth formed on the surface of the car. But you need to use the right and designated cleaning products that are specifically produced

28 May

Keep Your Car Ready to Beat Dubai's summer Heat with These Tips and Tricks

Dubai's got a rather car-friendly urban planning. Despite the fact that most cars are geared to handle temperature fluctuations and can tolerate extreme heat and cold. The intense heat of summer has a

19 April

Choose a reliable supercar repair service provider

the owners of supercars should not make compromises when it comes to car repair services. Whether you need services for your mighty Bentley or for jaguar repair Dubai, the service providers must be equipped with

22 March

Improve fuel economy and performance of your vehicle with the following tips

Very few people are blessed to drive vehicles like Porsche, Mercedes and Bentley. If you are among the lucky ones, take necessary care about the factor of periodic maintenance. Ensure your luxury car is in the optimum

15 February

Specialized care required by a luxury car

The luxury cars are a great asset for the owner. These cars are not ordinary vehicles, and it is a matter of prestige to possess them. Most of the expensive, feature-packed machines require quality care. All of us know that luxury cars offer immense comfort and style. Consider

13 January

Enjoy smooth journeys in your loving car after fixing mechanical issues

Modern vehicles are designed to extend maximum comfort to the user. They are also equipped with superior features and accessories. However, inclement weather or adverse conditions can interfere with the smooth functioning of the car.

03 January

5 maintenance tips to maintain your BMW in good condition

BMW is the dream car of many ardent car-lovers. Every model of the car offers luxury, comfort, and style infused with latest technology. Like other luxury cars, this marvel of car engineering is full of different body parts that are independent on each other to keep the car running flawlessly for years. As a car owner,

11 December

Give your high-speed luxury car the much-required care and maintenance

An expensive car is a big and long-term investment. So, if you are the owner of a luxury car, just choose the best repair service. With the help of proper servicing, you can keep your car in the best shape and maintain its fine performance for a long duration.

11 November

Right Storage for your luxury Car

All cars deserve proper storage to park securely however the luxury cars deserve a little more than just storage. The market value of a luxury car depends directly on its condition. The luxury car is supposed to be special, shiny, spotless, and dent-less.

12 October

Tips to Improve the Fuel Efficiency of Luxury Cars

The expensive and sophisticated branded cars are exemplary examples of superb engineering. In the absence of proper care and maintenance, the car might lose its efficiency. As the responsible owner of the car, you must pay attention to the aspect of fuel efficiency. Approach a Volkswagen service center Dubai and enhance the efficiency of your car.

29 September

Provide Specialized Technical Attention to Luxury Supercars

Luxury car owners are always concerned about keeping their vehicle in the optimal condition. Luxury cars require special care and maintenance. After all, you have invested a hefty sum of money to get the car of your dreams. Highly expensive car models require superior upkeep.

14 September

Enhance the Service Life of your Luxury Car through Proper Maintenance

Your luxury car is a very expensive and important asset. It is costly because of the modern features and classic engineering. Travelling in a luxury car brings a very different experience in comparison to an ordinary car.

08 Agust

Vital Information to Keep your Luxury Car in a Perfect Condition

Luxury cars must be kept in a well-maintained condition. Only then do these cars function flawlessly on the road. Take your car to prestigious workshops like German Auto Care and maintain it in perfect condition.

24 July

Comprehensive Information Regarding Luxury Car Maintenance

A luxury car is designed for ensuring smooth, comfortable and high-speed journeys. All luxury cars are manufactured using high-standard raw material. The anatomy, the clever use of engineering allows

30 06-2021

Important Information About Luxury Car Repair and Maintenance

Very few people are lucky enough to purchase the car of their choice. Luxury cars are not only beautiful in appearance, but they also deliver great performance on the road. Luxury cars are very expensive,

14 06-2021

Enhance your Driving Experience by Keeping the Car in an Excellent Condition

It is a common perception that high-speed cars function very smoothly on the road. Yes, this perception is correct. However, the credit for high-speed of a luxury car must be given to exceptional maintenance

18 05-2021

Give Quality Care to your Premium Vehicle Brands and Enjoy Smooth Journeys

Driving luxurious and high-end cars is great thing but then you should and must make sure that Lamborghini and VW cars are in good shape because they can really get you nightmares if you ignore to maintain..

01 03-2021

Tips To Choose Repair Services For Luxury Vehicles

Luxury vehicles look good and are evidence of your sophistication and class. However, when it comes to repair and servicing of such vehicles, it can be tough to find a good mechanic. These cars have exceptional

19 02-2021

A Smart Garage For All High-End Car Repair Services

Driving luxurious and high-end cars is great thing but then you should and must make sure that Lamborghini and VW cars are in good shape because they can really get you nightmares if you ignore to maintain

21 Nov

Check All the Qualities of Auto Repair Center

Luxury cars are generally very expensive. The reason is very natural. Such vehicles are modern marvels of engineering. It is a common tendency of people to take special care of their expensive belongings and vehicles are no exception

17 Oct

Maintain High Performance of your Car by Arranging Excellent Servicing

A high speed car packed with excellent features is built using many spare parts. From engine, transmission, electrical connection to electronic components, when all the

29 Sep

Consult Trained and Competent Mechanics for Best Auto Care

It is so comfortable to travel in distant corners of the city while sitting in a personal luxury car. Neither the distance of destination will bother you nor the scorching heat.

02 July

7 Car Care Tips For Luxury Car Owners

Dubai is home to many astonishing vehicles and buildings. It is really hard to take your eyes off those beautiful machines running on the roads.

12 May

Give your Luxury Vehicle the Best Mechanical Care

Life has become extremely comfortable due to the presence of modern facilities. Vehicles are counted amongst indispensable requirements of sophisticated life

14 April

Choose Expert Mechanics to Ensure Best Repair and Maintenance of your Supercar

Vehicle is an important part of life. It gives us an ability to move freely. In megacities like Dubai where the residents enjoy a higher standard of living

29 Oct

Top 10 Most Useful App in Dubai – My Pick

1 – Emirates – Flight Information And Booking App Explore the world your way with the personalized Emirates App for Android.

29 Oct

Important tips for Land Rover Owners

Don’t Get Gas Until You’re On Empty Dirt and impurities settle at the bottom of your gas tank.

22 Dec

Important tips For BMW Owners

Check the oil: The simplest task to increase the life of your vehicle is to maintain the proper amount of oil in the engine.

29 Oct

Car Repair Tips for Fast Fixes for Kia Owners

Even if you are not a car-geek, performing some straightforward, basic maintenance on your vehicle..

29 Oct

Important Tips for Jeep Car Owners

1. Wear your Jeep seat belt properly. The National Road Traffic Safety Administration estimates that fifteen,000 lives area..

29 Oct

10 Questions To Ask A Car Dealer Before Buying Mercedes Car in Dubai

Buying an automobile isn’t as simple a method as walking into a business organization, expulsion cash..

29 Oct

Myth Busted- Should You Buy a Used Car Based Only on Kilometers Driven

The 1st question that pops-up whenever we tend to choose a second-hand automobile purchase is what..

29 Oct

The Preventive Maintenance For Mazda

Do your Mazda scrutiny-. It’s basic, however, provide your automobile scrutiny..

29 Oct

How to Use and Adjust Your Car Mirrors Properly?

Although numerous carmakers have started giving blind-spot detection systems with their cars’ aspect mirrors, this..

29 Oct

How to Change Disc Brakes

Overall, it is not going to be extremely difficult to change disc brakes if you have tools in handy and are familiar with this part…

30 Aug

What is a Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter is one of the vital parts of your vehicle. Its main duty is to burn hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide to generate nitrogen.…

30 Aug

Can Brake Fluid Go Bad?

There is brake fluid in braking systems that absorbs water in the areas with high humidity when moisture..

28 Aug

How does a Car Alternator Work

In modern cars, alternator turns energy into AC or a current from the electrical energy that is created by the mechanical energy it generates while…

18 Aug

How Far Should I Go on My Brakes?

Living in big cities that experience major traffic problems and where stop-and-go is the rule causes a much faster brakes attrition.

18 Aug

See If You Are Tire Smart

We are excited to announce a new feature at our shop – you can get a consultation plus learn more about your vehicle. For starters,…

20 July

How Often Should I Change Engine Coolant?

There is a maintenance schedule for every vehicle where you find useful tips and updates on how often a part of your car should be…

16 July

The Startup Disrupting the Auto Collision Industry

This is a story of a group of young people who wanted to modernize one of the oldest and antiquated sectors of the industry –…

4 July

How Does Water Pump Work

The water pump is the main part that works to cool your car’s system. To describe it in a more detailed way, we can say…

3 July

New Car Starter Issues

Usually, new cars do not let their owners experience starter problems. However, anything can happen with the starter, and..

2 July

Auto Industry Rebound Causes Franchising Booms

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26 June

Car Paint Chip Repair

In case you’ve noticed a chip in your car paint, we can offer quite a few options to repair it. However, first, you need to…

24 May

Career Growth for Automotive Technicians

The automotive world is developing together with modern technologies, and the car industry is one of the most..

24 May

How do I Check Pads on Disc Brakes?

To be able to check the thickness of the pads, you will need to find the inspection hole on top of calipers, since calipers actually…

6 April

When do I Change My Rotors?

You will have to judge by the noises that you hear from the vehicle. Scratching, squealing, grinding indicates that you are probably past due the new rotor or pads installation.