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5 expert tips for choosing the best supercar workshop

Just as you look for an expert physician to look after your health, your supercar also deserves the same treatment to ensure its look and importantly its resale value. It is quite obvious that you just can’t hand over your precious Ferrari repair Dubai to a shady dealer. Supercar costs us a fortune to buy and there is no reason why you should compromise on their maintenance. No doubt picking up a professional auto expert is a tricky business in Dubai since the city has a very large auto repair industry and everyone claims to be professional. Based on the experience of our expert supercar dealers, we have outlined some of the important tips to follow while picking up an Autocar service company in Dubai.

Do Your Research

Before jumping inside the car repair shop, ask yourself if you have looked enough. Before choosing the car shop, do a little market research online and see the reviews. Authentic car dealers don’t shy away from showing online reviews and ratings which enable users to make a sound decision. Based on the reviews and services mentioned on the website, you can narrow down your list of top-notch Ferrari service centers Dubai. Moreover, you can also ask around within your social circle and can choose a car repair shop based on first-hand experience.


Most supercar owners in Dubai tend to have fancy car shops with attractive slogans and comfy seating places to create an illusion of the best place to suit the supercar. However, what you need for your supercar is not a fancy shop but an expert mechanic with years of experience. So make sure that the auto repair shop you have picked has years of experience to its credit.

Genuine dealers

You don’t want to get into business with cons. Before handing over your car for repair, you should ask if they are certified to carry on the repair work. You can also take guidance from your supercar dealer to validate the repair shop. It is best to take luxury cars to authorized repair shops only to avoid letting scammers get any closer.


Once you have picked an experienced professional to work on your exotic car, the chances of incurring damage during the job are low. However, accidents can anywhere and at any time so make sure that the repair shop you have picked has an insurance policy in place to cover the damages if caused. No need to be hesitant to ask these questions to the dealer. Being a car owner, you are well within your rights to hand over your car only if you are satisfied with their response and services.

Special deals

Once you have narrowed down the top qualifiers, it is time to compare the finalists for better services and deals. Get excited as this is the fun part. Compare the prices and see if their services are fit to handle the needs of your supercars. It is relatively far easier to ask questions from two to three different car repair companies than contacting a bunch of them.

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