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Mercedes Benz car care tips

Maintain the exterior of your Mercedes Benz by removing the dirt and girth formed on the surface of the car. But you need to use the right and designated cleaning products that are specifically produced for cleaning the Mercedes. Use a soft sponge or cloth while removing the stains and strictly follow the directions mentioned on the product. As the washing of the car is concerned, the frequency of washing the car is also important i.e. how often you should wash the Mercedes? It largely depends on where you live. If you live in dusty areas, you need to clean it more often if not wash. And if you are living in a coastal area you need to wash the car often to remove the ocean salt.

Interior Care

The interior of the car is most visible to yourself and your close aided. But no matter who sees it, it has to be in pristine condition. We strongly recommend our customers to only use Mercedes car care products to thoroughly clean the inside of the luxury car. Clean dirt from upholstery, plastic and rubber surfaces, vinyl, and as well as tires. The thorough cleaning is not only just to look clean but also important for the flawless running of the car.

Paint Maintenance

To keep the luster and shine of the supercar intact, it is imperative to keep its paint to a highest standard of protection. Condiments such as dirt, pollutants, insecticides, bird deposits, etc. can compromise the color and look of the car. To keep the color of the car fresh and brighter, use the Mercedes Benz paint protection spray. Please beware of not using low-quality and random paint-protection sprays which may compromise the shine of the original paint on the car.

Wheel Check

Wheels are the most exposed and active part of the car. They are in direct contact with the road and fully exposed to dirt and stones. Wash the wheels with strong water sprays to remove the dirt particles or stones stuck in the tires. It is pertinent to mention that wash tires only when they are cool to touch.


It is also important to park the car in a clean surroundings. Make sure your parking lot or garage is safe from pollution, pest infestation, and bird disposals. The garage or porch for the car must also be safe from direct sunlight, free of dampness and mold, and airy. If you are unable to keep up with the maintenance of your luxury care, we encourage you to take it to a mercedesbenz service center dubai available at German Autocare.