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5 maintenance tips to maintain your BMW in good condition

BMW is the dream car of many ardent car-lovers. Every model of the car offers luxury, comfort, and style infused with latest technology. Like other luxury cars, this marvel of car engineering is full of different body parts that are independent on each other to keep the car running flawlessly for years. As a car owner, the responsibility lies with you to follow BMW servicing Dubai in routine. A super car is no super car if it has dirt, chirps, and dents over it. A poorly kept super car causes huge loss to the owner by losing its market value. If you want to keep the market value of your dearest BMW then take it to regular service and hire the help of reliable and professional dealer like German Autocare for BMW repair Dubai. In this post, we will share some basic tips that you can follow to maintain the condition of your BMW.

Warm up the Engine

Warming up the engine of your car before taking it for drive is a healthy for car especially in cold weather. Just turn on the engine and sit patiently for 3-5 minutes till the engine is warmed up and ready to thrive on the road. Letting the engine warm-up gradually will enable it to expand its parts slowly rather than getting too much pressure suddenly. Once the engine is warmed up, you can take the car for a ride.

Change of fuel

Just like any other car, changing the fuels in routine is essential for BMW as well. According to standard procedures, a car needs change of oil after every 10,000km in normal use. Using the same oil for a prolong time can potentially clog the internal parts of the engine due to impurities which may cause severe problem related to the engine in long run. If you are not sure about when to change the oil, consult the user manual of the care for clear directions.

Brake Pads

Due to extensive usage, the brake pads of the car wear down over the time. Maintaining the brakes are not only important for the car but also paramount for your safety as well. Look for glitches in the braking pad while driving and don’t forget to mention it to your service provider to keep a check on the brakes as a matter of routine.

Inflated Tires

Keeping the right tire pressure is important to let the car run smoothly on the road. A low tire pressure is bound to create rolling resistance which is dangerous. Therefore, keep the tires inflated by using right pressure. It is advised to take your BMW at least once in a month for a specialized BMW servicing Dubai to not lose its style and luster.