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Porsche is one of the most famous German auto brands known to manufacture some of the finest vehicles around. Whether it’s the Cayman GTS or the classic Porsche 911, the name of the manufacturer is synonymous to sheer excellence, class and style. For the owners of these speedy machines, ensuring adequate upkeep of their vehicles is a must. If you need assistance with Porsche service in Dubai, then there is one name in the market that you can trust – German Auto Care.

A Porsche Service Center In Al Quoz That Is Trusted By Many

Located on 25th St Al Quoz 4, German Auto Care boasts of an outstanding team of top-notch specialists and technicians who hold a specialty in maintaining, tuning and repairing all Porsche models. Our team possesses the knowledge, expertise and experience required to ensure that your prized vehicle keeps performing at its best on the roads.

From us, you can expect to receive the most extensive range of Porsche services. From basic Porsche suspension repair in Dubai to thorough checking of the engine to extensive repairs, we can handle it all. Upon entrusting your vehicle with us, you can be assured that all repairs, tunings and alterations will be carried out as professionally as possible to ascertain that the highest service standards are met. We understand that your vehicle is your pride and joy, and will go the extra mile to ensure that it is back on the roads in no time. To add to our credit, all diagnostics, repair and maintenance jobs are carried out at German Auto Care using the most advanced equipment and machinery.

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